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Jordan's Juice BarBQ Sauce is a unique blend of sweet and sour. The flavor is very broad and enhances all types of meats, including wild game and fish. Jordan's Juice makes a great dip!  You can use Jordan's Juice without covering up the natural taste of your foods. Cooking with Jordan's Juice makes a meal simple and easy; it will soon become a family favorite.
  • Available in Mild, Medium, and Hot
  • Fat and Cholesterol Free!
  • No M.S.G
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Happy Customers

"All I have to say is WOW ! The sauce can go on Fish, Chicken, Pork and Beef. It is very good, and the shipment was very quick! Thanks for sending Sauce all the way to Kansas.  I will be ordering more!"
-Earl Williams-Emporia, KS
"We just got our Shipment of BBQ sauces... Very Tasty... We wanted to try all three flavors so My son had the hot, I had the medium and my husband had the mild. All of them were VERY good with a bold taste. The hot doesn't really hit you till it gets to the back of your throat but isn't so hot that you cant enjoy it. The medium I liked the most, it had the best of both worlds a little kick to it but also mild enough. The mild is also very good.  You won't be displeased with this product."
-Pam Engel-Edwardsville, IL
"My cooking skills (or lack thereof) are legendary, so I am blown away when people that we have had over rave over my grilling (that's a new one for me). Of course, I tell them it's all because of Jordan's Juice BarBQ Sauce! Chicken, pork, or beef, it just enhances the flavor of the meat instead of masking it, as most sauces I have tried seem to do. This is something really special. GEA (Good Eating Always)"
-Patrick Lane-Wichita, KS
"It's really good I have never tasted anything like it!"
-Joe Pena-Kalispell, MT
    * We want you to be happy with our product.  If for whatever reason you are unhappy with Jordan's Juice BarBQ Sauce, return it for a full refund.
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